Made for Care Workers - Customised Career Training

The Health and Social care sector is one in which people have options to progress in many different directions. This should be a big advantage when it comes to employee retention, and yet a study by the Communities and Local Government Committee found that 48% of care workers leave within a year of starting.

Why do employees leave care homes so readily?

The report identified several reasons why care workers leave their jobs. The major grievances are:

  • A lack of training
  • Stressful situations
  • Lack of career opportunities
  • Low pay

Training is key to employee retention in care homes

In our whitepaper “6 ways to boost staff retention in your care home”, we highlight the benefits of investing in training and development. When you customise training to individual employees, you show that you care about them. You show them that you are serious about their career, and about providing them opportunities to learn the skills needed to develop professionally.

With customised training, the knowledge and skills that employees learn tackles those other main drivers that cause employees to leave the care sector.

Customised training reduces stress

When you are equipped to tackle stressful situations, they become less stressful. It’s the difference between climbing a sheer rockface without ropes, boots, helmets, and other safety gear, and taking a cable ride to the peak.

In your care home, consider the situations your staff are likely to face, and equip them with the knowledge and skills to deal with them efficiently. For example, would your employees benefit from specific training for:

  • Dementia awareness?
  • End of life?
  • Mental health?

Caring for residents with such issues is stressful. Carers who are armed with the tactics and skills to deal with such issues, and employ effective communication techniques, are less likely to find the stress overwhelming.

Customised training increases career options

If your training framework is too rigid, your people will not have the option to progress their career in the direction they would prefer. We all have different aptitudes and enjoy different types of work. Meeting regularly with your employees should give you and them the opportunity to explore how they wish their career to develop.

Together, you can decide which courses, coaching, and training will help them to progress professionally, and dovetail this with your business needs.

Customised training tackles the pay issue

When you support employees in their career by providing customised training opportunities, you give them the tools to advance their career. They can move into supervisory roles, and by applying themselves to further qualifications (such as NVQ Diplomas in Health and Social Care Levels 4 and 5), move on to management positions. As their skills increase and promotions come their way, earnings rise.

How do you provide customised training?

The benefits of providing customised training are plentiful, for employees and the employer. Increase your staff retention rates, and you benefit from:

  • A more highly-skilled workforce
  • Greater flexibility of carers in cross-functional care-giving
  • Lower absenteeism
  • Higher quality of care

The question you may now need answered is how you can provide customised training. This is where Strive Care helps. You don’t need to have multiple contracts with multiple training providers. We offer a wide range of care home-specific training programmes. These include:

  • Health and Social Care Apprenticeship training
  • FastTrack NVQ Diplomas in Health and Social Care
  • Additional courses to support your business needs and employee career development
  • Courses in business administration, customer service, child care, and management

Contact StriveCare today, and we’ll help you put together a made-to-measure training strategy that could transform your staff retention statistics. We’ll also show you how to access funding schemes to help pay for training provisions. Customised training, at little to no cost to you. Excited? Your employees will be.


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