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Frequently Asked Questions


How often will the learners be visited?

Direct Assessor support including onsite visits is specific to each training option. For the apprenticeship there will be contact once a month, delivered in the format best suited to the individual needs of the learner.

For the Fast Track Diploma, direct assessor on-site support is available free of charge for unlimited learners. This will be supported with contact via skype, calls phone calls or ePortfolio access.

How long will it take to complete the qualification(s)?
LEVELS Apprenticeship FastTrack Diploma
LEVEL 2 Minimum 12 months 6 months
LEVEL 3 Minimum 12 months 9 months
LEVEL 5 Minimum 18 months 12 months

On average for the Health and Social Care Apprenticeship the learner will complete 18 units. At each level, the precise number of units is dependent on the standards relevant to individual apprenticeships.

For the Fast Track Diploma at level 2 the learner will complete on average 12 units, ranging on average up to 16 units for level 5.

Are visits conducted during shift times?

All on-site visits for either training option are scheduled around the needs of the care home, the learner and the employer.

How much do the course(s) cost?

For the Fast track Diploma, the training course is free subject to eligibility.

For the Apprenticeship in Health and Social Care, employers are eligible for the ‘co-investment’ rate and pay 10% of the publicised cost of the relevant level of the apprenticeship (for Non-levy paying employers only)

What are the benefits of completing the FastTrack Diploma?

The Fast Track Diploma benefits from a faster completion timescale without having to fulfil a mandatory timeframe (as is the case with apprenticeships). Administration at sign up and throughout the training is much reduced if compared to the apprenticeship, with no emphasis on Maths and English skills.

Will the learner's qualification be recognised if they change jobs?

Successful completion of either the Diploma or the Apprenticeship results in a nationally recognised qualification which belongs to the learner and is transferable between roles and companies.

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