Common Health Conditions

Level 2 Certificate
Fully funded (subject to eligibility)

With a large people throughout Britain living with a common health condition that require continual management to minimise the effect they have day to day. This course provides an ability to be aware ofsigns, symptoms and treatments for a variety of common health conditions as well as caring for individuals through management, monitoring and controlling their condition.

  1.  Understand how to contribute to monitoring the health of individuals afected by health conditions
  2.  Understand cardiovascular disease
  3.  Stroke awareness
  4.  Arthritis awareness
  5.  Understand physical disability
  6.  Parkinson’s disease awareness

The facts
Course costs

Fully funded (Subject to eligibility)

Full cost price: £249

Typical course completion time
1 - 2 months, on average
Fully accredited
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