Health and Social Care Apprenticeship

A comprehensive work-based training programme that provides learners with the skills and knowledge they need to work in all aspects of Health and Social Care.

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Health and Social Care Apprenticeship

Lasting between 12 and 24 months, the Health and Social Care Apprenticeship is a thorough and highly supported training course.

Who's it for
The Health and Social Care Apprenticeship is available to all learners through levels 2 – 5 in Health and Social care. This qualification meets the needs of candidates who work in a wide range of adult and elderly care settings.As a care home committed to maintaining a skilled and motivated workforce, our role-relevant Apprenticeship training is suited to a wide range of career pathways to match your business needs..
Functional skills training
  • Assigned direct contact with industry experienced assessor for every learner in their working environment
  • Tailored support for every learner’s individual learning style
  • Functional skills training
  • Pay 10% towards to the cost of apprenticeship training (for Non-levy paying employers only)
How does
it work?
  • Our Health and Social Care apprenticeship programmes are all delivered on site, working around your every day care setting.
  • All Health and Social Care apprenticeships are offered at Levels 2 through to 5.
  • Each level comprises a number of learning components and candidates at all levels must achieve all aspects to complete the full framework.
  • Apprenticeship training typically lasts between 12 – 24 months dependent on the level, with direct assessor support throughout and training approaches tailored to individual learning styles.
  • Apprentices are assessed by industry experienced assessors in natural working environments.
  • Non-levy paying employers are eligible to take advantage of government ‘co-investment’ rate and pay 10% towards to the cost of apprenticeship training.
  • Functional skills training to all learners covering English and Maths to improve confidence
How long is
the training?
Comprehensive work-based training programme that lasts up to 18 months.
LEVEL 2 12 months
LEVEL 3 12 months
LEVEL 4 18 months
LEVEL 5 18 months
How much
does it cost?

Funding for apprenticeship is available to employers either through their payment of the new Apprenticeship Levy or from a co-financing system from the Education and Skills Funding Agency. Non-levy paying employers pay 10% towards to the cost of apprenticeship training with the remaining 90% covered by the Education and Skills Funding Agency.

Levy paying employers can only use the the levy to fund apprenticeships, not any other form of training.

How much
does it cost?
Full comparison
LEVELS Traditional
FastTrack NVQ
Time-Frame Level 2: 12 months
Level 3: 12 months
Level 4: 18 months
Level 5: 18 months
Level 2: 4 months
Level 3: 4 months
Level 4: 6 months (TBC)
Level 5: 6 months
Nationally Accredited NVQ Diploma
Standards REQUIRED N/A
Care Cerificate REQUIRED N/A
Functional Skills Exempt REQUIRED N/A
Mid-point Assessments REQUIRED N/A
20% off-the-job-learning REQUIRED N/A
ePortfolio Delivery
Direct Assessor Contact OPTIONAL*
Quality and Awarding Body Audits
Low Administrative Burden
Easy Enrolment
Cost Level 2: £300
Level 3: £300
Level 4: £900 (TBC)
Level 5: £900 (TBC)
(with WDF reimbursement)

asked questions

Direct Assessor support including onsite visits is specific to each training option. For the apprenticeship there will be contact once a month, delivered in the format best suited to the individual needs of the earner.

For the Fast Track NVQ Diploma, direct assessor on-site support is available free of charge for unlimited learners for one full day, or 2 half days. All other contact with will be remote skype, calls phone calls or ePortfolio access.
All on-site visits for either training option are scheduled around the needs of the care home, the learner and the employer.

On average for the Health and Social Care Apprenticeship the learner will complete 18 units. At each level, the precise number of units is dependent on the standards relevant to individual apprenticeships.

For the Fast Track NVQ Diploma at level 2 the learner will complete on average 12 units, ranging on average up to 16 units for level 5.

Management input for the Apprenticeships is on a monthly basis and include monthly progress reviews, support with ‘off the job’ learning, college inspections and ofsted vists etc. The input for the Fast Track Diploma is limited to a fast and efficient sign up process, with any further involvement at the discretion of the manager.

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