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6 ways to boost
staff retention

in your care home


We've examined the working methods of the few care homes that have the lowest staff turnover rates – those that lose less than 1 in 10 of their staff each year.

In this free white paper, you’ll learn what it is that these successful care homes do differently to those that find it difficult to keep their best employees. It’s a must-read for care home managers who want to increase their staff retention numbers and take their business forward.

Download it today, free of charge. Because we want your care home to achieve the success that your dedication deserves.

The benefits of
staff retention
  • Lower expenditure on recruitment and training
  • Frees up management time to work on ‘big-picture’ issues
  • Reduced workload for all
  • Better quality and higher consistency of care giving
  • A better reputation in the care home sector
  • More attractive to quality candidates and clients
  • Quality of employees and management is a key consideration in CQC inspections